I love this heading. This is the core stuff of what FreeFall is all about. Let me emphasize the science and state of the art techniques we use in FreeFall and why.

In BodyTalk and The Life Sciences, we realize that the constrictions in your body are really a defense against feeling and releasing a variety of different feelings. The immobility of your body stems from deep-seated suppression of such expression and the resulting formation of emotional neuropeptides creates attachment to tissues and drastically impedes their function.

Dr. Candice Pert discovered the receptor structure on the surface of a cell that allows it to admit outside substances, such as nutrients and hormones. Malfunctions in the operation of cell receptors can cause disease. Dr. Pert explains that neuropeptides and their receptors are the biochemicals of emotions, carrying information in a vast network linking the material world of molecules with the non-material world of the psyche. These are all over, not just the brain but different parts of the body, including the heart and the vessels around the heart. [Candace Pert-Molecules of Emotion]

The musculature of the heart and the connective tissue that is taking on neuropeptides (energy that’s being produced from strong emotions), holds them in a very strong inhibitory vortex, or “false heart’.

FreeFall uses a, state of the art practice of Advanced Bioenergetics – BodyGenics, to really mobilize the neuropeptides and catalyze our wiring and get it going. In our work, we directly address the structural integrity of the cells and observe the collective contributions that the neuropeptides are communicating to our nervous system. With this technique, our awareness can release the neuropeptides from the cells, and let go. Neuropeptides only stay alive when they’re attached to cells. Now the lymphatic system will take them away, send them out through the kidneys.

By clearing that away, it enables the heart-brain to function normally, keeping harmony in the body. Not only in the physiological functions, but also in the psychological and emotional functions including all the factors of being able to relate to yourself and all the people around you.

As the repressed natural emotions emerge, the FreeFall participant often begins to realize that these patterns inhibit their capacity for spontaneity and creativity in self-expression. They begin to understand that as these defenses became chronic, so have the muscular patterns in their body. These defenses affect their emotional well-being by decreasing energy level and restricting the capacity for genuine self- expression in relationships; they are not free enough in their body to feel joy, happiness, love, sadness, fear, sensuality and anger.

When heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation, there is harmony, emotional stability and optimal cognitive performance. Personal energy is now accumulated, not wasted, leaving more energy to manifest intentions and even more harmonious outcomes. {www.heartmath.com}

Noticing and not resisting difficult experiences changes the wiring in our brains. It’s not just a subjective feeling, the physical structure of the brain changes!

And, just thinking it, doesn’t make it so. Be wary of “positive thinking traps” and “heart opening talks”…You can’t feel good with your heart or truly say you’re at peace with yourself, you’re happy with yourself, you love yourself, if the heart is choc-a-block full of debris which is neuropeptides holdings. Perception, awareness, breath and movement must play a vital part.

The use of BodyGenics in FreeFall 1 moves us from “little body awareness” to “conscious body awareness”, little body understanding to greater body understanding and little freedom to express to greater freedom to express.

Given the opportunity to express your feelings, within the framework of a safe, therapeutic relationship, you discover that you will not be abandoned or destroyed for expressing your feelings. Through the acceptance of your body and its feelings, you will intuitively broaden your contact with all other aspects of reality. Since the body is such an important part of who we are, any increase in contact with your body will produce a significant improvement in your self image, interpersonal relationships, in the quality of your thinking and feeling and in your enjoyment of life. In this way, the BodyGenics exercises in FreeFall 1 works with the underlying neuronal patterns that are consistent throughout life and relationship, effecting change in all aspects of interactions, relationships and daily living.

– Kristy Kenny