The Living Matrix

Summary of notes taken at the IBA Conference Aug. 2007, supplemented by the text Energy Medicine and notes shared with Irene Pecenco. Errors in transcription are possible due to the nature of note-taking and my limited knowledge.
“What we believe to be true is true within certain limits that are themselves beliefs. In the province of the mind there are no real limits.” – John Lilly – The Center of the Cyclone

“All inventions and progress come from finding a link between two ideas that have never met.” – James Oschman

“There is this medicine and that medicine and this method and that method and there is the way the body really is… “- Kerry Weinstein

“Science absolute depends of new ideas and scientists detest new ideas…

Let’s start looking at the studies from The Institute of Noetic Sciences ( The INS is a nonprofit membership organization located in Northern California that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness—including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The Institute explores phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.

They have recorded and studied about 10,000 of cancer patients in remission.

“All the circuitry and machinery is there, the problem is simply to discover how to turn on the right switches to activate the process.” – Andrew Weil – Spontaneous Healing

Where is the circuitry? Where is the machinery?


The biological rhythm resonates inside the body and together with everything else in the universe!

The circulatory system is an excellent conductor of electricity. This current generates a magnetic field. The heart field is the most powerful field and can be measured 15 feet from the body using a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device*).

The field generated by the hands can be increased 1000 fold through intention and can become stronger than the heart’s field.

Hands also emit light and infrasound.

* SQUIDs are very sensitive magnetometers used to measure extremely small magnetic fields, based on superconducting loops. The extreme sensitivity of SQUIDs makes them ideal for studies in biology.

Just as there are electrocardiograms (ECGs), electroencephalograms (EEGs) and electromyograms, the corresponding magnetocardiograms, magnetoencephalograms and magnetomyograms can be measured.

Keep in mind that magnetic fields are not attenuated by tissues as electrical fields are.

Let’s remember that every organ in the body has a resonance.

The heart electrical-magnetic signature:

  • is conducted to every cell in the body through the circulatory system,
  • extends from the body inducing energy flows in people around and
  • is conducted via the cellular matrix.

How this happens?


Rather than a “bag of fluid” the cell is now recognized as filled with a cytoplasmatic matrix or cytoskeleton composed of filaments, tubes, fibers and trabeculae with virtually all the water inside the cell being bound to the cellular framework. (Cope, 1967; Ling, 1992; Damadian, 1971).

The boundaries between the cell environment, the cell interior, and the genetic material are not sharp or impermeable.
Enzymes are attached to the cell structure and metabolic processes are conducted via structural pathways. Likewise, the nucleus contains a nuclear matrix.

The intracellular matrix is connected across the cell surface with the connective tissue system, which are “trans-membrane” linking molecules.

When you touch the skin, you are actually contacting a continuous interconnected webwork that extends throughout the body. (Ellison 1984; Oschman 1994; Pienta & Coffey 1991).

Liquid crystalline structures are the rule in living organisms (as collagen, actin-myosin, rods and cones, myelin sheaths, phospholipids, chlorophyll, etc.). The molecules within the body, including the water, are aligned in a liquid crystalline continuum and move coherently together.

Tapping (as we do in Body Talk Systems therapies) generates subtle micro currents at the level at which the body uses to communicate with itself. The entire living matrix is simultaneously a mechanical, vibrational or oscillatory, energetic, electronic, and informational network (Pienta & Coffey 1991, Oschman 1994)

“Life is too rapid and subtle to be explained by slow-moving chemical reactions and nerve impulses.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi – Nobel prize winner

Properties of the Living Matrix (Oschman, Energy Medicine)

  1. All of the great systems of the body (circulation, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, digestive tract, organs and glands) are covered with material that is part of a continuous connective tissue fabric.
  2. The connective tissues form a mechanical continuum, extending throughout the body, even into the innermost parts of each cell.
  3. The connective tissues determine the overall shape of the organism as well as the detailed architecture of its parts.
  4. All movement is created by tensions carried through the connective tissue fabric.
  5. Each tension, compression and movement causes the crystalline lattice of the connective tissues to generate bioelectronic signals that are precisely characteristic of those tensions, compressions and movements.
  6. The connective tissue fabric is a semiconducting communication network that can carry the bioelectronic signals between every part of the body and every other part.

Some Views of the Living Matrix: (Oschman, Energy Medicine)

The proteins in the body are semiconductors. Semiconductors can make miniature electronic devices such as switches, amplifiers, diodes, detectors, oscillators and memory devices.

“Molecules do not have to touch each other to interact. Energy can flow through…the electromagnetic field…The electromagnetic field, along with water, forms the matrix of life. Water…can form structures that transmit energy.” (Szent-Gyorgi, 1988)

“All parts of the living matrix set up vibrations that move about within the organism and that are radiated into the environment at many different frequencies, including visible and near visible light frequencies.” (Frolich)

The cytoskeleton behaves like a Tensegrity* structure. (Donald Ingber)
* Tensegrity is an architectural and energetic concept developed by R. Buckminster Fuller. It describes a structure that retains its integrity under tension. Fuller creates robust structures from minimal amounts of material, describing a structure that retains its integrity under tension.

energy3A tensegrity system is characterized by a continuous tensional network (tendons) supported by a discontinuous set of compressive elements (struts).

Through the many approaches to bodywork, the tensegrity view on the body opens new avenues of holistic strategy for understanding how the body works, how it compensates, and how to understand some otherwise incomprehensible behaviors.

Tensegrity accounts for the ability of the body to absorb impacts without being damaged. Mechanical energy flows away from a site of impact through the tensegrous living matrix. The more flexible and balanced the network the more readily it absorbs shocks and converts them into information rather than damage. The tensegrity matrix is replicated at every level of the organism.

The perineural system

Robert Becker, an American Orthopedic Surgeon spent no less than 3 decades, on experimental science on animals concerning regeneration and healing. He found clues to the healing process in the long-discarded theory that electricity is vital to life.
He describes what he believes to be two separate nervous systems, one of which is responsible for the generation of the channels or meridians of energy flow of the vital energies.

In the developing nervous system outside the CNS, perineural cells, cells which support the nerves in many ways, form first and the nerves grow along the paths taken by the perineural cells. Then certain perineural cells called Schwann cells wrap themselves around the nerve axons. One result is more rapid nerve transmission of impulse. Within the CNS, the perineural cells outnumber the nerve cells by a vast majority.

Oscillations of the heart’s and brain’s electrical activity form a conductor that are propagated through the entire body.

The main tissue that acts as a circuitry system is the peripheral nerves and the perineural connective tissue cells that constitute more than half of the cells in the brain. Perineural cells encase every nerve fiber; down to their finest terminations throughout the body.

Other tissues spread themselves in continuous layers of connective tissue in the body: the vascular system is surrounded with perivascular connective tissue; the lymphatic system with perilymphatic connective tissue; the muscular system with myofascia; and the bones with the periosteum.

Conceptually, this highway of connective tissue forms what is known as the ‘Living Matrix’. It encompasses all of these connective tissue systems, including the cellular and nuclear scaffolds within them.

The body like other items of circuitry which we buy requires balance, order, structure and flexibility to function: effectively, efficiently and preventively.

As we begin to appreciate the delicate and specific way that the body needs to function without dis-order we can start to begin to understand what happens when it all goes wrong. Circuitry requires the body to be wired up in a way that allows all biological systems to communicate 24/7 autonomically and voluntarily.

When we are exposed to physical and/or emotional trauma a disruption is caused along the connective pathways in a specific region of the body as well as to the surrounding and other pathways leading all the way to the brain. For as long as there is trauma and the related memory patterns then dis-order physical pains and physiological deterioration will stay in place.

Michael Cohen’s simple analogy is to that of the traffic lights failing at a busy central London junction during peak hours. Not only will it cause chaos to those drivers in the immediate vicinity but before long it is causing backups to the wider area as well as a nightmare to the controllers let alone the commuters, businesses, families and every other person who is reliant on someone stuck in the traffic.

The perineural system is a (DC) direct current communication system that establishes a ‘current of injury’ that controls injury repair. The current of injury is generated at the site of a wound, and continues until repair is complete. One function of the current is to alert the rest of the body to the location and extent of an injury.

Injured cells give off light. The injury potential is a wave of energy emitted from the site of injury. The centriole is the eye of the cell. Light can regulate cells and cell division is activated by light.

It has been suggested that the current of injury is not confined to the skin, but will arise in any tissue, epidermal, vascular, muscular, nervous, or bone, that is injured. Which systems are activated will depend on the depth and severity of the injury.

This perspective is leading to a detailed explanation of how the body coordinates its responses to injuries of all kinds.”
Watch a little video with Dr. Oschman at the Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine at:

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