Cell biologist Dr. Rein proposed an idea that DNA would be a good tool for testing healer’s ability to affect biological systems in the body. He started testing this model system with several healers by having them holding test tubes containing DNA while trying to create a healing environment. He also had obtained some positive indicators that the conformational state of the DNA changed when exposed to these positive environments.

In 1991 Dr. Rein accepted a position at the Heartmath Institute and together with Doc Childre performed various studies.Following we are listing a summary of their findings:

1) Heart rhythms and emotions:

The rhythmic beating of the heart at rest is not monotonously regular but varies dynamically from moment to moment. And there is an important link between emotions and changes in the patterns on the autonomic heart’s activity. Specifically they found that during the experience of negative emotions like anger, fear, anxiety there is less synchronization between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous System. However, positive emotions, as appreciation, love or compassion are associated with highly ordered or coherent patterns in the heart rhythm, which reflect great synchronization between the two branches of the ANS.

radiowaves2) The heart’s electromagnetic field:

The electromagnetic field generated by the heart is the most powerful dynamic electromagnetic field produced by the body. The heart’s field permeates every cell and may act as a synchronizing signal for all cells in the body to carry information as the same way of radio waves.

3) The theory of heart intelligence:

This theory suggests that that is an energetic connection between the structures in the quantum vacuum and the physical structure of the DNA in our cells. These structures that are highly dimensional organized in a holographic-like fashion are proposed to communicate information to the DNA, guiding cell organization and differentiation and setting the parameters for the physical, mental and emotional modulations.

4) The method:

In this main study, the experimental group consisted of ten individuals who were trained and experienced in heart-focused techniques. These participants self-generated focused feelings of love and appreciation while holding the intention to cause a sample of DNA to either wind or unwind. Eighteen individuals with no training served as controls.For each trial the conformation of DNA was measured before and after exposure to the subject’s intention using an ultraviolet (UV) absorption spectrophotometer.(The winding and unwinding of DNA is measured by changes in the absorption of UV light.

5) The results:

In the trials in which individuals practiced the heart-focused techniques were instructed to generate feelings of love and appreciation while holding a specific intention to cause a change in the DNA, there was a significant change in the conformation of the DNA. There was also a significant increase in the heart coherence field. In some cases the changes in the DNA conformation were up to 25%, indicating a very robust effect. IN contrast, the control group showed no significant increase in the heart coherence field and produced no significant increase in the DNA.

6) Non local studies:

The results shown so far could easily be mediated by the electromagnetic field of the heart. This hypothesis is supported by studies showing that DNA is sensitive to externally applied electromagnetic fields. However, a number of nonlocal studies in which people hold an intention to affect a biological system over longer distances have also revealed dramatic effects. And in these studies, the distance between the targets and the people holding the intention are well beyond the range of conventional electromagnetic fields.These results provide experimental evidence to support the hypothesis that aspects of the DNA molecule can be altered through intentionality. Individuals capable of generating high ratios of heart coherence were able to alter DNA conformation according to their intention.

These findings support the hypothesis that an energetic connection exists between structures in the quantum vacuum and corresponding structures on the physical plane, and that this connection can be influenced by human intentionality. The DNA molecule is proposed to act as an “antenna” and demodulator that is tuned to a nonlocal field existing outside of space-time, thus functioning as a conduit through which higher dimensional information is transmitted at the level of the physical organism.

Thus, the data presented here support the concept that cell-levels processes can be influenced by human intention, mediated via energetic interactions. Also intriguing is the finding that heart coherence generated through heart-focused positive emotions appears to be necessary for this typo of interaction to produce significant effects.

These findings may be holding the key of the contribution of positive feelings and attitudes to health and healing as well as other related, well acknowledged but poorly understood phenomena such as the placebo effect, spontaneous remissions in cancer, the health rewards of a strong faith and the positive effect of prayer.For more information, or to discuss this article, email me.

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