The Life Sciences and BodyTalk are complementary and integrative systems where each seminar enhances the other.  Mindscape, Breakthrough, and FreeFall – like any of the BodyTalk classes – are considered part of a consciousness-based therapy working with the bodymind’s healing force.

I was just reading many testimonials from BodyTalk students/practitioners, who have experienced the FreeFall course.  They described that when they were going back home they felt a healthier and more open expression of presence and perception in how they viewed to be mirrored with the world, their loved ones, and their clients. They felt slowing down time and breath.

It makes me observe, with more focus and attention, the frantic need in people to have more information, not only in our BodyTalk matrix but in general. We are all bombarded with new trainings and courses. It seems like there is a global agreement, that if we learn one more set of tools, just one more set of tools… we will be a more solid, more successful, more special, better person/practitioner.  There is an underlying belief that what we know now, is not enough. We need more specialties. And then there is over-studying, over-working, over-pleasing, or over-ignoring . . . the variations are endless. And it is exhausting.

With my background in Yoga philosophy, I have understood that what we learn is only valuable unless it can be applied to our daily lives. There is another level of understanding when the studies/teachings come out of books/computer screen and become alive through practice. FreeFall exercises bring into life many concepts of the BodyTalk System from Fundamentals to Principles of Consciousness, from Matrix Dynamics to Eastern Medicine, PaRama, Energetics,  BodyTalk Direct, and so on.

Besides that, we all have a natural instinct, yearning to bring forth a more auspicious way to live. We do not want just to live. We want to live for the highest and go for the best of our ability. What would that mean to be the best if we could be, shine the brightest light we can? Would that mean to feel special?

Yes. This need to “feel special” is even more seductive than we realize. It has contributed to socio-cultural separation because it focuses on the individual needs more than the needs of the community. The need to feel special has poisoned our interpersonal relationships with a fabricated need for ‘validation’, and it has undermined our capacity for empathy*.

*Empathy is a kind of human connection which holds the implicit assumption that the other’s feelings and needs are—at least for that moment of connection—as valid and worthy of attention as your own.

Lastly, the need to be special builds expectations that undermine one’s self-love, because every time others don’t acknowledge your specialness, it catalyzes insecurity and even self-hatred.

Do you know anyone who simultaneously thinks they’re so special and yet they are also contaminated by insecurity? Of course, you do. It’s the epidemic of our time.

So, as the stresses in this world are mounting, we find that peoples health is being affected, the growth of global systems gets obstructed, and there are less gentleness and kindness in dealing with life issues.

Does it seem that this search for the brighter inner light is creating more “darkness”? Maybe.

Which brings me to many years ago when I learned a mythical story from one of my yoga philosophy teachers about Goddess Kali.

And starts like this:

One of the fiercest adversaries that Kali (the goddess of destruction) faces is a demon named “Rakta Bija”. Rakta Bija was terrorizing the earth, and every time warriors tried to kill the demon, each drop of blood spilled became a new Rakta Bija.

So, very quickly, they had many Rakta Bijas causing more trouble and the gods were really worried. The gods decided to appeal to Shiva (the All-Consciousness), who was too busy meditating and practicing yoga, but he sent Kali (his partner) to deal with the demon.

The word for “demon” in Sanskrit is rakshasa, which means something like “protected one”. They are protected in the sense that they cannot be destroyed. The teaching of demons is that there are indeed real adversaries in the world and that we must face them.

How does Kali (as seen in the picture) take care of Rakta Bija? Of course, the first thing she tries to do is to kill him. Whenever there’s anything challenging or conflicting that we’re up against, the impulse is to destroy it, to get rid of it, correct?

But the teaching of Rakta Bija is that this doesn’t really work; if you try to kill a demon it just creates more demons.

Kali’s response is to roll out her huge tongue and swallow all of the Rakta Bijas. In this way, she gives the protected ones a place… a place inside where they can be assimilated and transformed into nourishment and wisdom.

In Buddhism, there is a beautiful ceremony called “Feeding Your Demons”. It was originated by the eleventh-century Tibetan yogini Machig Lapdrön. Maras – as they call demons in Buddhism – are not exotic beings like those seen in mystic scroll paintings. They are not bloodthirsty zombies waiting in dark places to scare us. They are within us. They are the issues and emotional reactivity of our own lives. They are our chronic illnesses or common problems like depression, anxiety, and addictions. They are our present fears and obsessions.

Fear is the worst enemy of our society because fear shuts down open communication; it shuts down the light of the heart and we get blinded. When we are overreacting to stress and fear (they generally come together), they shut off our growth, they shut off our immune system and they shut down our conscious processing.  We defer to reactive behavior, which means we become less intelligent. Our actions are not practical.

When we understand how to nourish the demon’s real need with fearless generosity, the energy tied up in our demon will tend to dissolve and become an ally, like the demons that attacked Machig and subsequently became her aides.

Feeding our demons (fears) rather than fighting them away, may seem to contradict the conventional approach of attacking and attempting to eliminate that which scares us.

But also goes hand in hand with the concept of unlearning – the shift in perspective – that the Life Sciences invites us to investigate.

And it turns out to be a remarkable alternative and an effective path to healing, because it uncovers a consciousness-based depth of understanding where we do not deny the experience of disease or darkness or any problem in life, we simply recognize it for what it is: the gaining of a new awareness, higher-consciousness and deeper experience.

Feeding (or swallowing) our demons requires an extra-ordinary practice of self-acceptance and gentleness. Requires a deep understanding that light and darkness, health and diseases are not fighting against each other. They work together to bring out the essential nature, which is the pure experience of existence beyond health and disease. By continually learning from darkness, we may be invited to move more and more into the light.

Rinpoche CHOGYAM TRAMGPA says: “We defend our ignorance because we are terrified to be honest with ourselves. To practice self-honesty is to honor yourself, your body, your soul, your heart, your mind. There is exquisite freedom when you live your nakedness and there are very few people that can appreciate that because we learn since very young in life to be embarrassed and/or disgusted with our own selves”

In the FreeFall method, the symbolism of this sacred honesty is the undressing of clothes.

And if undress is the scariest thing that comes to your mind (and heart) when you hear about FreeFall, think a little deeper than that. Because perhaps, in order to be truly naked requires the unclothing of the mind, the heart, as well as the body. It requires the courage and the honesty to embrace it all; as much of your light as well as your darkness.

This liberation is a sacred inner call that has been sung from since humanity is breathing. This liberation is a call that embraces the merging of all the different cultures. It is not easier for Brazilian students to undress their heart and souls (and bodies) more than the So African, American or Asian students.

We are all terrified to be vulnerable, globally. We are terrified to expose what we believe is our “ugliness”, our “ignorance”. Unconsciously there is the belief that if we show (what we think it is) our weaknesses, we will not be special anymore, we will not be loved.

Perhaps, that’s why we are terrified to be naked. We have learned so many tools to cope, to mask our nature, to hide our light.

Most of these coping mechanisms operate from this closed, untrue space of heart, and nothing can drain us of our life-force energy faster and more effectively than a well-spun story that is not in alignment with our truth.

Perhaps, our transcendent journey in life requires “FreeFalling” within. In the FreeFall method, more important than the learning of another set of tools, there is the exploration of the truth of the acceptance of where we are, and to what we are capable of growing into.

Acceptance not meaning passive resignation, but active awareness. FreeFall participants are encouraged to become aware of their stories, their coping mechanisms, and their masks. And through dynamic exercises, they are invited to develop a clear sense of being response-able, with gentleness. Neuroscience says there is nothing more confronting than being honestly gentle, kind and loving with yourself.

Because in the end, the question is not if we are living. The question is not if we are in the path of growth and healing. Growth is in everything we do.

The question is: are you being truly honest/naked with yourself?

Because what eases all suffering in life is the power of the revelation of our inherent nature that comes with greater awareness.

<a This. Is. Pure. Healing. a>

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