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See what some of our regulars are saying and how the treatments have helped their lives:

Mary K. Solana Beach, CA

It was very nice to see the ancestral energy shift from my grandmother’s line around abuse.  It gives me clarity into how I have been feeling all my life in my reactions to people and situations. The epigenetic work was also very useful and I can see that I will be reviewing that material very soon.  I look forward to more that I will see and feel over time.  Your work is a blessing.

Jordan K. San Diego, CA

Hi Myriam, It has been a week since the session you gave me. My back is much better in only one week. Today I did 60 minutes of gentle breath focused Yoga on ( …). Not even imaginable last Sunday to be doing this today. It’s a miracle. Also I have lower stress levels overall, and and have lowered my expectations of myself and others. That was a very successful session:) Thank you very much. See you soon.

Cassandra A. New York, NY

I do have good news, I saw my psychiatrist on Friday, and he said that I do not need to stay on any of the meds I was taking. In his professional opinion, I am doing very well.  All my thanks to you!!!!!

Laura P.
Laura P. Denver, CO

…Oh, by the way, my brain is finally calming down from the need to eat compulsively.  It has taken a while but I see and feel the difference. I now can have a conversation with myself before I put something in my mouth. I am making better choices. And it all happened after our BT sessions!

David L. Portland, OR

I am very grateful that you were able to work with me a week ago.  The things you came up with and the techniques you used felt like another highly significant shift in my life. I am feeling stronger very day, thank you.

Margaret S. San Diego, CA
I turned to Bodytalk in a difficult moment of personal transition. Myriam is a powerful guide and healer. She read my body accurately, and intuitively knew what needed to be adjusted and worked with. Gently, with care and compassion she worked with me so I could regain my energetic balance.A Bodytalk session with Myriam feels like a therapy session for the soul. A one hour session gave me more insight and benefit than many hours of talk therapy. The benefits were evident long after the session ended, and the sessions themselves are always pleasant and restoring.

Tamara T. Carlsbad, CA
Hello there and Happy Monday! I just wanted to say thanks! I feel so much better. I also wanted to let you know that I referred a friend to you,(..). She is also a teacher and her daughter who is in her 20’s is having some health frustrations. I look forward to seeing you next week (…)

Dorli E. San Diego, CA
Myriam, thank you for a wonderful session. I had a great relaxing night and my first normal BM since mid. May (that’s almost 2 month). So we definitely got something moving. I feel positive and very grateful today. Hope you are doing well also. With lots if love.

Dawn S. Carlsbad, CA
I felt safe and peaceful during the BT session (…) and felt the energy of being heard on the physical, emotional and subtle body levels (…) after our session, my body went through a detoxification process which began the journey of balancing the imbalances. Thank you Myriam, for your time, energy and devotion to healing.

Barbara A. San Diego, CA
(…)My headache passed and I was full of energy. I normally lay in bed until mid-morning (10:00 or so). I jumped out of the bed at 7:30, washed clothes, cooked breakfast, made the bed, etc., etc., etc… It was amazing how much energy I had! My state of mind seems to be better, too. I don’t feel so heavy. I’m sure with more sessions, I’ll continue to get better and better. I can’t wait until my next session.

Ellen S.
Ellen S. Vista, CA
After the BT treament with Myriam I said to myself: “Is it just that?” I didn’t feel anything different! My life was a mess and I was very depressed! Then, I cried for a whole week. After that everything changed: I got a new job, met wonderful people and my life is wonderful!I do not know how it works… but it does work! Now I refer Body Talk to everyone that I know!” T.C. from Vista”Fear and depression set in when my husband died. After Body Talk sessions with Myriam, my kids told me I was ridiculously happy again! Thank you.

T.C. Carlsbad, CA
I have been suffered from vertigo and dizziness for more than an year. The doctors couldn’t tell me what was happening with me. After my first Body Talk session with Myriam my vertigo disappeared and I have been free of it since then. I couldn’t believe it! I am so blessed I found Body Talk and Myriam!

Patty T.
Patty T. Oceanside, CA
I suffered from insomnia for years! I had just one Body Talk session with Myriam, and I have slept 7 hours the next day! Bless you, Myriam!

Larry B.
Larry B. Encinitas, CA
Every cold season, I am sick in bed for weeks. This has been going on most of my adult life. Due to continued sessions with Body Talk with Myriam, I have not been sick or had a cold for the past 2 years. Can’t believe it!